Hi! I’m Odessa Lynne and I write fiction, specifically gay romance fantasy and futuristic fiction. I could call it paranormal I guess, but in some stories (like those of the R’H’ani Chronicles) there is no magic, no fated mating bond, or any of that strangeness that really makes a story what I’d call paranormal. Then again, I do write stories with magic and mating bonds, and about fate, and those are nice too. :)

I write about the fantasy kingdoms of Hend and Yurt, other worlds such as that which holds the New Canton Republic and New United R’H’ani, and even Earth where aliens have made their home to the detriment of humanity (Wolves’ Heat).

I prefer my romance to be between men, for whatever reason. Trust me when I say I’ve tried to analyze why I enjoy gay romance fiction so much but the truth is, I have no idea. I just know that reading about two men falling in love, and all the stuff that goes with that, does something for me that romance of the male/female variety doesn’t.

Just go with it. :) I do.

I hope to write many, many stories in my lifetime, but for now, this link will take you to those stories you can find now. :)