Here’s the cover! And a second cover just for fun

I’m getting everything together for the new book so still expecting/hoping it’ll be up really soon. Hopefully tomorrow. I will post immediately after the book goes live with the usual links and I’m really hoping you’ll like it. :-)

Here’s the official cover for the book. The description is at the end.

Offical book cover for Mason's Regret

It’s blue. Since I love blue, betting on blue would’ve been a smart bet. ;-)


There was a cover war and I had a really hard time passing up the chance to use a slightly different look. In the end, I decided to stick with the style everyone’s used to seeing for this series. But I really want to share the alternate cover so I’m including it here just for fun!

An alternate book cover for Mason's Regret

It might not fit well with the series, but it totally fits the story, IMO.

And you know how you’re not supposed to eat at your computer? Please don’t do that. It does not always turn out well. :D

Anyway, on to the description!

Three years ago, Mason and his twin brother were captured by the powerful aliens that humans call wolves and held in a den for the duration of the wolves’ heat season. Mason’s brother hasn’t been the same since, and neither has he. Memories of how he let his brother down haunt him.

Now his brother has gone back into the protectorate for reasons Mason doesn’t understand—and he needs help.

It doesn’t matter that Mason had never planned to go into the protectorate again, where wolves choose mates based on scent and strength and humans are at a terrifying disadvantage if they choose not to submit. It doesn’t matter that Mason doesn’t know what’s going on or why someone wants his brother dead.

It doesn’t matter that it’s heat season again and wolves are howling, looking for mates.

All that matters is that his brother is in trouble, and Mason isn’t about to let his brother down again…

6 thoughts on “Here’s the cover! And a second cover just for fun

    1. Odessa Lynne Post author

      It will be out Monday in at least a few places—hopefully Amazon is one of them, but Amazon has been wonky lately so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed on that. It’s been a crazy week and a half, that’s all I can say. :o


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